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Adams Acres

Then & Now

   I’ll never forget the place I was standing when Dana called me at work and said the words. “Are you sitting down?” I think my reply was “No why?” To which she replied “You’ll never guess what house is back on the market”…


   We fell in love with the Potter Farm during an open house in the spring of 2012. When I first saw the cathedral like rafters in the barn my first thoughts were that it would make an awesome place to get married.  (Dana and I have 5 daughters between us and 5 daughters getting married in the barn would pay for itself !) Through extended family connections I learned more about the property and the home owner. I felt a common bond with him and started conversations about purchasing the farm. Unfortunately we were not able to make a deal happen and the Potter Farm was sold on a land contract. Dana and I were very 

disappointed that our dream house sold. Dana and I talked about the Potter Farm so often our children started calling it “The house that never was”


   After Dana’s daughter graduated high school she was ready to list her house in Hudsonville and move. We started looking for homes in the Greenville area but none of the homes we looked at lived up to the house that never was. Dana listed her house on a Saturday and the next Monday was the day of that phone call. The next month was a flurry of activity, negotiations and packing as Dana’s house sold in a few weeks! We took possession of the farm the first of July and we realized my dream of getting married in the barn on July 31st.


We  had so many requests to use our barn for weddings that we pursued opening The Barn at Adams Acres. Contact us so we can help you realize your dream of a barn wedding.

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